Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Niue presentation to other classes

On Tuesday 26th  June 2012 Glenbrae school went around to other classes to talk about their learning this term.  Five people stayed in room ten while the rest of the people went to other classes. The names of the people who stayed are Edwina, Voni, Chanel, Brandon and Bono. The first class room to come was room 9, room 8, room 7, room 4, room2 and then room 1. Our expert for Niue was  Afe my Granfather. When the first class came We all stood up for the national anthem. Next we all did our mihi then we did some things about the Uga, information about Niue and the island. After those things happened we watched a movie about Niue. And the next classes that came we did the same things.

Friday, 8 June 2012

My mihimihi

My mountain is Mt Wellington

My river is Tamaki river

My dad is John

My mum is Ruth

My country is New Zealand

My address is 93 Glenn Innes Auckland

My name is Bono

Koe mounga haaku ko Mt Wellington

Koe vaitafe haaku Ko Tamaki river

Koe higoa he matua tanne haaku ko Jonh

Koe higoa he matua fifine haaku ko Ruth

Koe motu haaku ne hau ai ko Niue

Koe atulese haaku koe 93 Glenn Innes Auckland

Koe higoa haaku ko Bono