Friday, 14 March 2014

My Bird Facts

Facts about the Moa, Kiwi, Kakapo and Weka

Moa facts:
*A Mo is a flightless bird.
* The Moa spcies died out by A.D. 14000.
*Moa's were wingless.
*Moa's were afraid of Haast's Eagles.
*A Moa bird has a long neck and legs

Kiwi bird facts:
*A Kiwi is a native bird to New Zealand
*A Kiwi 's legs are strong
* All Kiwi's are nocturnal
* The Kiwi bird can't fly
*The Kiwi bird has no tail

Kakapo facts:
*The Kakapo is the heaviest Parrot in the world
*A Kakapo is flightless
*The Kakapo lives on two offshore islands
* Its the only Parrot with a "lek" breeding stem
*In the forest the Kakapo is camouflage

Weka Facts:
* The Weka is a large brown bird
* The Weka is flightless
* The Weka is a very famously feisty curious and personality.
* The Weka is fast
* The Weka is a very famous bird to New Zealand

These are my reading activities, I had to find facts about those birds.