Friday, 16 August 2013

This week our class learnt about persuasive writing. This is my writing on a topic we were discussing

Topic: Children should work from the age of 8

I disagree with children working at the age of eight because they need to experience life.

Children shouldn't work from the age of eight because they need an education.

Children shouldn't work because they need to experience how to learn words, maths and writing. They might feel down if they don’t know their subjects.

Children might feel sad if they play a sport and miss out on their training and games.

I disagree because children should not be allowed to work at the age of eight they have to be over 16 as the law says.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Holiday

In my holiday I went to Ten Pin Bowling with my family for my little cousin’s Birthday. Once we had gone inside I went to the arcade and played with a silver token. I played basketball and heaps of tickets came out. When the game finished I grabbed my tickets, I went to the ticket machine I inserted my tickets and I received a receipt and it said you have got 35 tickets in one receipt.
Next I went to  bowl and there were 5 games and different people play in those games.  I was in game 2. After we started playing I was first and so I bowled and got a strike. Later the game finished I won out of the five games, my score was one hundred and eleven everyone else had under ninety five.

Later on we went to eat. There was a two kiddy tables and the big people ate outside. When we finished eating we got 7 silver tokens.

I then went back to the arcade and played with my cousin Jordan and spent most of our tokens on the deal or no deal game.  We got 400 tickets all together so we put it in the machine and received 400 tickets in a receipt. Next I got called to go home. Once I walked out of the doors I felt happy about going to Ten Pin Bowling