Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Dragon Poem

This is my dragon acrostic poem. I used Tux paint

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Narritive

It was dark, I could not see anything. So I went outside to check the fuse box to check what the problem was. Marvin opened it up and it was alright. So he went back inside.

Marvin tried to flick the light switch on and it wouldn’t work. So he tried to call a technician but the phone line was cut.

Next he went for a run around the block. He thought the power will turn back on when he came back. But when he did come back it didn’t turn back on. It was 8:00pm and it was still dark.

Then it was 10:00pm and the power was still not on. So he went to all the houses on the street and knocked on the doors and nobody would answer. So he went in the middle of the road and screamed out “ Is  anyone here !!”. In the corner of his eye he saw a little child peek out of the window and as quick as flash Marvin turned around and that child moved away from the window. So Marvin went to that house and knocked on the door as loud like he was kicking it and said “ I know your inside here I saw your child peek out through the window !!”. So They Didn’t open the door.

After he went through the alley-way to the other side and heard a whisper “Psssssssst you” and Marvin looked everywhere and as fast as the wind Marvin ran right down the alley-way. When Marvin reached his destination Marvin Saw No cars and also no power. Marvin had to make another trip back up the alley-way and heard another whisper “psssssst you”.

Marvin took a good look around and saw a his neighbour Dean and so Marvin jumped the small wooden fence. When Marvin got to Dean he asked him a question “why is there no power?” Dean replies “ Ohh because one of the generators are broken at the power station and it came on the news” Marvin replies to Dean “Ohh I fell asleep and didn’t watch it. Okay but why won’t people answer their door Dean replies back “ Ohh That Party that you had last week” Marvin says “Ohh Yeah”. Marvin say’s to Dean “Thank you”.

So Marvin went home and said to himself “ So the generators are broken but that party hmmm”.