Friday, 20 November 2015

Technology Reflection

Technology at Tamaki College

Today at technology we started off doing our school prayer. I finished half of my fruit juice project. I just need to fold the box and colour it in. After that I went on my netbook for more images about fruit. 

I enjoyed today's session.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy 

Today a accountant named Rachael from PwC came to our school to tell us about Credit and debt. She told us some important information about being credit worthy. Credit worthy is be responsible with something you borrow from a person and making sure you give it back on time and with braking it. So we gave her Ideas to gain someone's trust.

Ms Rachael gave us a work sheet about credit and debt and we had to fill in the gaps. From the work sheet it gave me ideas on how to spend my money wisely and careful, not to be careless with my money and to use vouchers.

I thought today's lesson wasn't a waste of time. I found it helpful and useful in life.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015

A few days ago schools in the Tamaki cluster made short films about learning and behaviour for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. The Film Festival was held at the Hoyts cinemas in Sylvia Park. We used the extreme screen and another theatre during the day, this is because there are too many schools and not enough seats.

Once we arrived at the cinemas we took our seats in the and waited for the films to start. At the start a person started talking about Manaiakalani. A few minutes later we started to watch the films. We only saw a few films because there was over 100 films and if you wanted to watch it you would have to go to the evening show.

My best film would probably be Room 8 of Glenbrae School because they did dancing and singing and the judges were funny.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Technology Relfection

Today we had technology at Tamaki College. We had graphics technology and our teacher is Mr Pineda.  We started making our Fruit Juice carton on mine it had a apple and my name of the product is Sports Candy. I named it sports candy because sports candy is fruit. I enjoyed my time in graphics and I learn a lot about designing.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dance Fever

Dance Fever

Today Room 10 and I went down to our school hall to do Dance Fever. When we arrived there we were told to line up into three lines. We started off doing our hip-hop. Next we did our Samba and after that we did a simple hip-hop move called the barrel roll. Soon after we did another dance named the WALT. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dance Fever

Dance Fever

Today at Dance Fever we learnt moves for hip-hop and samba. This week was our second session but we were . Our dance instructors told us to call them Lieutenant and Ms Rach. We learnt the hip-hop moves and samba moves really fast so we can catch up. In the samba we have to partner up with a girl. At the end we tried out this move called the helicopter. I really enjoyed today’s session.

Technology reflection

On Friday year 8 students from room 10 went to their technology class. Our current class is Graphic technologies. Our teacher is Mr Pineda. In this class we draw and do art.

Today in class our task was to create some sketches for our t-shirt print we were going to do next week. When class started, he did the roll call, then told us what we were going to do today. He handed us a piece of paper to do the sketches. He showed us what we had to do, and we got onto work. A blank piece of paper soon showed a intricate design. All we had to go next week was bring a shirt to get our design printed on. 

The bell rang and we were dismissed  

P.E reflection

P.E ( Physical Education )

Our teacher aid Mr Greenwood took the p.e session on the school field in the morning. We threw a discus and shot put.

We first threw the shot put and we were separated into three lines. Next was the discus. At the end we chose the best 3 discus throwers and top 3 shot put throwers for both boys and girls. We challenged Mr Greenwood only at discus because we didn't have enough time to do the shot put.

Kiwi Can reflection

Today in Kiwi can we had a recap on what we did last week. Our topic is Respect. We started off with a energizer, Mr Numia one of our Kiwi Can teachers split us up into 5 groups. One leader from each group would go up to see the actions we had to do and come back to the group tell us what to do. Next we sat down and split up into two groups and do another activity. That activity was to tangle yourself in between your group and tried to untangle yourself. After that we moved on and said our catch phrase which was “ Kiwi can says I respect what you say, you respect what I say. “ I forgot about the rest. Later on we got straight into our GKQ ( General Knowledge Questions ). Then we finished off with our points
  • Respect 3 out of 5
  • Participation 5 out of 5
  • Teamwork 4 out of 5
  • Encouragement 4 out of 5
  • Positive Attitude 4 out of 5

20 out of 25. After that we said our catch phrase to say goodbye to Kiwi Can.  

Reading reflection


This week my group and I worked on the timeline of the Treaty of Waitangi. This activity was about telling us what happen to the treaty not about the singing of it. The treaty is a document which has been through tough events in its past. It was saved in a fire by George Eliot, it has also been eaten by rats. At the moment the document is held at the New Zealand National Archives. This document is very important agreement between the British Crown and the Maori. The purpose of the treaty was live together in New Zealand underneath common set of laws and agreements.

This is some other reading work we did, we chose the 6 important timelines about the treaty of Waitangi

Treaty of Waitangi

1840 The Original document was signed on the 6th of February 1840 by Maori chiefs and by British Government.  

1841: The treaty of waitangi was saved by George Eliot in a fire at the GO in Auckland.

1908: The treaty of waitangi was found by Dr Hocken down
the basement in the governor's house.

1913: The original Treaty of Waitangi was glued on a canvas to preserve it.

1940: In 1940 the Treaty was displayed in public for the first time in Waitangi as part of the centennial commemorations.

1978: The original Treaty of Waitangi was removed from public and send to the National Archives in Wellington.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kiwi Can

In Kiwi Can rooms 10 and 9 combined to have there sessions together. When Kiwi Can started certain people were chose to be a tagger for a game. Ms Tuia explained the game, the objective of the games is not to be tug otherwise you’ll be out. Ms Tuia would call a fruit and you’ll have to jump, if they call a vegetable or something else and jump you’ll be out. We played 4 games and there was a different winner for each game.

We talked about our Personal strengths and how everyone is different, not everyone is the same. We had a warm up game and we were divided into 2 groups. One person will goes inside the circle and says something that they think they are good at, and the ones that think that they are good at it too runs around the circle. Whoever is the last person to reach there spot has to be inside the circle and then  it is their turn to say something that they think they are good at.

We played until it was time for the points. Both  classes got  23 out of 25.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Maths Reflection


This was our maths problem we did today.

From Auckland to Waitangi is 229 kilometres. We left Auckland at 9.39 am and arrived at Waitangi at 3.31 pm. Remember we also made three stops before we arrived at Waitangi.

Today's maths work was challenging and hard.
 This is one question I came across "What is your estimate for the average speed the bus was travelling?" My answer was 75-85 kph because we mostly travelled on a motor way. The maths problem was very challenging.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

William Gilbert Puckey ( New Zealalnd )

William Gilbert Puckey

William is originally from England and he was a prominent missionary from New Zealand. He accompanied his parents to New Zealand at the age of 14 and quickly learnt the Maori language and he was speaking it fluently at the age of 16. William was born in Penryn, England May 5th, 1805. Mr Puckey died on March 27th, 1879 in Kaitaia. He was the first New Zealander to build a Wind powered cart know as a Land yacht. This is his signature on the treaty of Waitangi 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Sports Poem


Sports inspire us,
to compete.
Winning over losing,
is much more sweet.

We do it because,
we love the game.
Life without sports,
would not be the same.

Plenty of water,
we must constantly drink.
As we push our bodies,
to their very brink.

Sports bring out,
our inner drive,
To make the play,
we often dive.

We sacrifice everything,
for our team,
because a championship,
is our only dream.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Job: Moonshine

Job: Moonshiner

Job Description:
  • Moonshiner is someone or some people who make distilled illegal alcohol
  • Moonshine, white lightning, mountain dew, hooch, and white whiskey are terms used to describe high-proof distilled spirits that are generally produced illicitly. Moonshine is typically made with corn mash as the main ingredient.

  • $200,000 a year, tax free
  • $120 per gallon

  • Qualified for brewing
  • Brewing
  • Precision
  • Timing
  • Accuracy

Tuesday, 25 August 2015



Today during maths my maths group and I did a maths problem. The maths problem we did was down below
I did place value partitioning to solve my answer.

Marilyn needs to fertilise her front lawn. It measures 20 metres by 35 metres. Each bag of the fertiliser that she plans to use covers approximately 200m2. How many bags should she buy?

Remember: length X width
20 x 30 = 600
20 x 5 = 100
600 + 100 = 700
20 x 35 = 700
700 ÷  2 = 350
700 ÷ 200 = 3.5

She should buy 4 bags and use half of it and use the other half when she does her lawn again

Thursday, 20 August 2015



Today in my class my maths group and I were working on the same question and one of them were
On Saturday we will have a fundraiser car wash for our camp. To save water, for each van we will use only 0.75 litres of water. For a small car like Miss Elia’s car we will use 0.5 litres of water.  How much water do we need to wash 5 vans? How much water do we need to wash 5 cars like Miss Elia’s car?

This is how I worked it out
  1. 0.70 x 5 = 3.5
           0.05 x 5 = 0.25
          0.20 + 0.50 = 0.70
          0.05 + 0.00 = 0.05
         3.0 + 0.70 + 0.05 = 3.75

        2.  0.50 x 5 = 2.50

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Zealand Immigrants

Last week I have been reading some sites based on Early English Migration. Down below is the link so can you please try it out.

Friday, 7 August 2015

My Quiz

Today in class I made a quiz about the All Blacks. I made ten questions about the all blacks. These questions below are the questions I used in the quiz. 

Question 1. Who played the all blacks in the 2011 rwc final?

Question 2.? Who defeated the All Blacks last year?

Question 3. Who is the best open side flanker?

Question 4. How many times have the All Blacks won the rwc? 

Question 5. Who is the starting half back?

Question 6. Who scored their debut try against Samoa?

Question 7. Who is the starting no.2?

Question 8. Who is the best first-five?

Question 9. Who did the All Blacks play against last?

Question 10. When was the first time the All Blacks win the rwc? 

This is the link if you want to try it out?

Car Seats

Car seats

Car seats are important for children under 148 centimetres. It is very dangerous if a child isn't in a car seat or booster seat because the seat belt will be strapped around the neck or it will be lose so if there is a crash the child would be able to get out. You will get a fine if you don't put a child in a car seat or booster seat. Make sure the child is strapped in tight so they are not able to get out. 

Friday, 31 July 2015

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

What is physical abuse?

Physical abuse is caused by punching, beating, kicking, shaking, biting, burning or throwing a child. Injuries to the child might have bruising, burns, welts or bite marks, major fractures of the long bones or skull, to its most extreme form, the death of a child.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is when an adult smacks you or spanks you for doing the wrong thing but child abuse isn’t the right thing to do. Child abuse is just not physical abuse only you can abuse your child in different ways such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexually abuse

What is emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse happens when a child’s emotional, psychological or social well-being and sense of worth is continually battered.
It can include a pattern of criticising, rejecting, degrading, ignoring, isolating, corrupting, exploiting and terrorising a child. It may result from exposure to family violence or involvement in illegal or antisocial activities.

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse includes acts or behaviours where an adult, older or more powerful person uses a child for a sexual purpose. While it may involve a stranger, most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone the child knows and trusts.
It includes, any touching for sexual purpose, fondling of breasts, buttocks, genitals, oral sex, sexual intercourse, an adult exposing themselves to the child, or seeking to have a child touch them for a sexual purpose. It also includes voyeurism, photographing children inappropriately, involving the child in pornographic activities or prostitution or using the internet and phone to initiate sexual conversations with children.

Thursday, 23 July 2015



Tom and Katie went for a five kilometre run. Tom took 40.23 minutes to complete the run while Katie took 40.92 minutes.
Who was faster and by how many minutes?

Cheryl had 3.5 litres of water to water her plant. Each plant needs 0.5 litres. How many plants can Cheryl water?

Sione ran 0.45 kilometres more on Friday than Saturday. On Saturday he ran 11.25 km. How many kilometres did Sione run on Friday?

The problems above are what my group and I did for maths this morning. The hardest one for me would be the last question. 

For Question 3 this is how I worked it out I worked it out by doing 40 + 20 = 60 and 5 + 5 = 10 so it is 11.70 or 11.7 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bill Mclaren 2015

Bill Mclaren 2015

On the first week of the term 2 holidays I played in a tournament called Bill McLaren. I was representing East. 

On Monday we had a game at Orakei Domain, we played Central. At the end of the game we were victorious, the score was 35 - 7.

On Tuesday our next game was against West at Mt Wellington War Memorial Park. We came out victorious again the score was 42 -0 

We did not play on Wednesday because our coach defaulted and we already won both games and we advanced straight into the final, so that day we had a training session.

Thursday was a rest day for the final.

Friday came and it was a big day for both South and East. We thought it would be a tight game but it wasn't' the final score was 31 - 5. When the referee blew his whistle we all were screaming a cheering. 

After that we went to receive our medals and our Captain Sione Kau got the award Player of the tournament. After we finished that we went to have burger and chips.

That was a tough week but we pulled through 


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kiwi Can

When Kiwi can started Mrs Tofa our teacher took a few students out for testing. After she started tested me I went out and played hand-ball with the rest of the class after we played we went back inside and did our points we scored 21 points we are leading by 1 point and if we get 25 next week we are at the top of the leader board.


Today during maths our teacher gave us 16 questions to answer. the first 10 were apart of our maintenance and the next 6 where word problems. The hardest word problem was problem 5. Problem 5 was
A barber makes $17 every 15 minutes. How long will it take to earn $680? We gave three answers and those three answers were
  • 10 hours
  • 40 hours
  • 11 hours


One day there was one baby dinosaur named was John. He was a Spinosaurus and had a big mouth, also sharp teeth, sharp claws and he was about 3ft tall. When John turned 18 years of age his mum enrolled him into one of the High Schools. His mum was so excited for John to go to school. When John arrived to school there were some kids that were kind enough to let John play with them.

When the bell rang for Morning Tea John went to go and eat loads of meat that his mother put in his backpack. When he finished eating all the meat John went to play on the field where no one was there. After John finished running around the field there was a bully and the bully’s name was Luke. He came and bullied John and then that's when John felt sad and ran out of school.

When John ran away he was never ever to be found. John found a nice place for him to stay and John stayed in a suburb called Glen Innes. This suburb was filled with big buildings. John invited other dinosaurs to his house. After John invited dinosaurs to his house they thought about moving there because they liked the area. John let them come over because he was lonely. John went to see his mum and asked her to move in with him. She said yes and they never told anyone what happened to John.

Friday, 12 June 2015


Whangarei is the northernmost city in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region. It is part of the Whangarei District.
These are following names a nicknames for Whangarei: Whangas, Dub City, The Rei
Whangarei's Motto’s are : Non Nobis Solum, Love It Here, City of 100 Beaches

The city's population was estimated around 54,00 in June last year up from 47,00 in 2001. The wider Whangarei area had an estimated population around 80,800 in 2011.

M.A.D.D Dairy

Today was the last M.A.D.D workshop. It was sad to be the last M.A.D.D workshop because we have learnt a lot of things from Petia and Caroline.

The first thing we did when we were in the hall was to take the chairs and put them in around. When we finished doing the chairs we sat down and waited for Petia to finish setting up.

After that was finished Petia told us that he was going to give use a key ring. When he gave us the ring he asked us what was the first thing we were talking about when he first came and we all said the first thing was our culture. It was going till the last lesson.

Petia gave use the cards to put on to our ring so that we can not lose the cards that he gave us to keep. The cards were different colors to represent the things we have been learning.

Last of all Petia said that it was time for him to draw. While he was drawing he was playing songs and I remember one of the songs and it was called Happy by Pharrell Williams. At the end of the session the superhero he drawed was Iron Man. He drawed him because He has a lot of creations and he was a very smart man.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Poem about school


School is something,
we must all embrace.
Knowledge we need,
to seek out and chase.

Subjects and teaching styles,
are plentiful and vary.
Just like the backpacks,
we all need to carry.

Sports, clubs, and activities,
at every single turn.
So much to do,
study and learn.

To get the most from school,
we should consistently attend.
Around each corner,
there's always a friend.

Our favourite teachers,
are friendly and kind.
Their passion and job,
to expand every mind.

School is something,
we must all embrace.
Just remember to learn,
at your own pace.