Friday, 31 July 2015

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

What is physical abuse?

Physical abuse is caused by punching, beating, kicking, shaking, biting, burning or throwing a child. Injuries to the child might have bruising, burns, welts or bite marks, major fractures of the long bones or skull, to its most extreme form, the death of a child.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is when an adult smacks you or spanks you for doing the wrong thing but child abuse isn’t the right thing to do. Child abuse is just not physical abuse only you can abuse your child in different ways such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexually abuse

What is emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse happens when a child’s emotional, psychological or social well-being and sense of worth is continually battered.
It can include a pattern of criticising, rejecting, degrading, ignoring, isolating, corrupting, exploiting and terrorising a child. It may result from exposure to family violence or involvement in illegal or antisocial activities.

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse includes acts or behaviours where an adult, older or more powerful person uses a child for a sexual purpose. While it may involve a stranger, most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone the child knows and trusts.
It includes, any touching for sexual purpose, fondling of breasts, buttocks, genitals, oral sex, sexual intercourse, an adult exposing themselves to the child, or seeking to have a child touch them for a sexual purpose. It also includes voyeurism, photographing children inappropriately, involving the child in pornographic activities or prostitution or using the internet and phone to initiate sexual conversations with children.

Thursday, 23 July 2015



Tom and Katie went for a five kilometre run. Tom took 40.23 minutes to complete the run while Katie took 40.92 minutes.
Who was faster and by how many minutes?

Cheryl had 3.5 litres of water to water her plant. Each plant needs 0.5 litres. How many plants can Cheryl water?

Sione ran 0.45 kilometres more on Friday than Saturday. On Saturday he ran 11.25 km. How many kilometres did Sione run on Friday?

The problems above are what my group and I did for maths this morning. The hardest one for me would be the last question. 

For Question 3 this is how I worked it out I worked it out by doing 40 + 20 = 60 and 5 + 5 = 10 so it is 11.70 or 11.7 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bill Mclaren 2015

Bill Mclaren 2015

On the first week of the term 2 holidays I played in a tournament called Bill McLaren. I was representing East. 

On Monday we had a game at Orakei Domain, we played Central. At the end of the game we were victorious, the score was 35 - 7.

On Tuesday our next game was against West at Mt Wellington War Memorial Park. We came out victorious again the score was 42 -0 

We did not play on Wednesday because our coach defaulted and we already won both games and we advanced straight into the final, so that day we had a training session.

Thursday was a rest day for the final.

Friday came and it was a big day for both South and East. We thought it would be a tight game but it wasn't' the final score was 31 - 5. When the referee blew his whistle we all were screaming a cheering. 

After that we went to receive our medals and our Captain Sione Kau got the award Player of the tournament. After we finished that we went to have burger and chips.

That was a tough week but we pulled through