Monday, 18 November 2013

My best friend poem

My best friend is Niuean
He likes to talk a lot
Also brainy and sometimes lazy
He has short dark black hair
Big brown eyes
Indescribable facials
He has a big stomach
His hands are wide
He has short smooth hair
He has big lips
Hairy legs and hairy arms
His favourite colour is yellow
He Likes to get his work done on time but he doesn’t
He Has a big sense of humor 
His jokes aren't very funny

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dead Car Clean Up

Term 4 - Week 3
Green Group
Resource: Dead car clean up by Sara Tamihana
SJ 2004 P 2 N  2

WALT - identify the author’s purpose
Comprehension Questions:
      What have people been dumping near the school?
          Because those cars old and rusty
Why would people want to dump a rusty old car in the bush?
People dump their cars to get them out of sight
they recycle their bits that they don’t need to use
Who are some other people who got involved?
          Some Students and The Royal New Zealand Air Force

Application Questions:
      Do you think the students did a good job of cleaning the cars
I think they did a good job because they care about there environment
If you could ask the students of Punaruku a question, what would it be?
        How long did it take to clean up the cars      

Thinking beyond: Analysis:  Can you think of any issues of pollution around your community?
  About plastic bags