Monday, 17 December 2012

Cyclone Evan Hits FIJI

Hi there my name is Bono. The cyclone evan  Fiji in the early morning it made a huge flood witch were up to the stairs cases. The cyclone destroyed Fiji  the cars were damaged people could of drounded in the water. Trees were snapped and power lines were out houses are blocked so windows don't brake. Lucky I wasn't in Fiji. I could of died there.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Mrs Boyers farewell

I liked the way the farewell assembly for mrs boyer.  It was quite good because she did not leave on that day.
We all sang 3 songs which were amazing. we got up and had a stretch.
Mrs boyer did not know that  room ten was dancing. I liked room 7’s dance because they did azonto. They brand Mrs boyer onto the stage. She was dancing with room seven.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

My Netbook is very important to my learning because
I can comment on other people’s work on their blogs and
share my work to the world.

I use my netbook as a learning tool for using math whizz
We save trees by not working on paper but on a netbook so
I don’t waste paper.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Acrostic poem of Dragons

D angerous
R age
A knight comes to fight
N ever seen

This is my acrostic poem I wrote. It was quite hard but I finished it.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Acrostic wetland poem

W indy
E ggs
T ahuna Torea
L ookout
A sandspit
N ative
D ry sand

This is my wetland acrostic poem I made about the wetland because we went to Tahuna Torea. That is a wetland

Friday, 23 November 2012

Transformer suit

Today you might get your pen or pencil and a pad for your wish list. Most people in the whole world think that transformers aren't real. But it does exist in real life.  This autobot contains a body, helmet.battery and a belt and comes with driving boots. It can go 10/15 km hr. It can spring up just like optumius prime.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Math whizz

This is my award witch is gold as you can see. I did this activity  witch is odd and even it was between the 5 times table the odd ones were the fives and even was the place holders. So I  separated the apart and I got them right.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rama and Sita

Many years ago, there was an Indian man called Rama and his wife Sita. Rama was banished from India for 14 years so he and his wife went to the dark forest and the demon Ravana took Rama's wife and took her to a cave. When the demon king took Sita she dropped her jewellery so Rama could follow it. There was a king monkey who saw what happened so he told the monkeys form a bridge. Rama went over the monkeys and got Sita when the demon king. After they left the cave the monkeys attacked the Ravana the demon king. When the 14 years were over the people of the land lit candles on the side of the road all the way back home.

Monday, 12 November 2012

My tapa

This is my tapa that I made on tux paint the materials I used were fill and lines and black paint. Then I took a screen shot

The day my treasure dissapeared

“My drum is gone I left it on top of my bag.”
“That is my special drum that my dad has bought for me when I was ten years old.
I did not want to get one because we have a bad dog called Carlos. I was thinking where did I leave my drum last. I just came drove back from mum’s house she and I looked around and there was nothing there. So I left back to my house I checked everywhere and there was nothing there. I checked at my dad’s house there was nothing there either. But the one place I never checked was my car I have two cars I checked in the first one there was nothing I checked in the other and it was there it was in my bag with my brothers uniform he must of took it for school practice. I remember now because he lost his last year he must of took it without asking me”.

5 monkeys jumping on the bed

When you get caught  jumping on your own bed your parents tell you straight to your face the bed is not for jumping it's for sleeping. Some people who do that sometimes get paid. When you have a job it inquires talent or training or you have to do a interview. But when you jump on a bed you don't have to do that you just do it for fun. Reuben Reynoso is a  proesslonal Mattress tester at San Francisco Mattress Factory.  Reuben Reynoso can do somersaults but when he jumps he uses his toes and soles. He can also do back flips, front flips and all kinds of tricks. You have to check the mat if it not to soft the middle is the softest patrt that's why they put another matt ant the bottom

Friday, 9 November 2012

Soil facts

Soil Information
soil is important
soil helps plants grow from seeds
has dead bugs, dead leaves
soil has nutrients to help plants grow
soil is the top layer of our Earth
trees need soil
soil helps trees to grow
soil keeps trees up straight
soil is a mixture loam and clay
soil can make plants grow
plants suck up nutrients from the soil
soil is three types of different materials
soil is a habitat for many species of insects and other invertebrates
soil is muddy when it gets very wet
without soil nothing will grow on Earth
clay soil holds water but not air
loam soil holds just the right amount of water and air to help plants grow
soil is part of nature
soils can be different colours -because of the kids of rock they are made of.
humus is dead organic material which provides nutrients

What is soil?Why is soil important?Is soil a habitat? If so, what lives there?How have people affected soil?
soil has nutrients to help plants grow
soil helps trees to grow
soil has nutrients to help plants grow
soil is a mixture loam and clay
has dead bugs, dead leaves
humus is dead organic material which provides nutrientshumus is dead organic material which provides nutrientssoil is important

Bike riding

yay! we are going bike riding.

After morning tea room8 students went to our school feild and did bike riding around the feild. the people who were there Room8students Eddie,Joy,Adren and MissMoopaner. first we did the 4 point chech. after that we started a course we zigzaged around the cone and looked back to see what is behind us and signal what way we are going.

Now we are finished i was nevous because i don’t ride my bike that much.    


Hatupatu and his three brothers went to the forest and capture the bird woman. Hatupatu’s brothers went to hunt for birds the other brothers told Hatupatu to  cook dinner. So he did his brothers ate and when they finished they gave him the scrapes so he began to go thin so next day the same happened. Hatupatu made a big fire and cook the birds and then pretended
to be sick and his brothers came by and said a person came and stole the birds and tried to throw a spear at me. After that day he pretended again and his brothers were looking at him so he ran away and saw the bird woman flying up high the came down and capture Hatupatu and put him in the the Bird woman's cage. When she left Hatupatu sneaked out of the cage and it released all the birds but one bird flew to the bird woman and said he has released all the birds and the bird woman was furious while she was flying. Hatupatu came to a big rock and he said open and the rock opened the bird woman was waiting for Hatupatu to come out suddenly Hatupatu came out and ran away. The bird woman chased Hatupatu. He ran so fast he jumped over bubbling mud pool and the bird woman fell into the mud pool and got cooked so Hatupatu ran back home to see his mother and father and had a big big feed.

The day Daisy is a hero

Donald owns a farm in Wales. He has his own motorbike to get around the farm faster. Donald was delivering medicine to a cow but he forgot a bulky bull was around the farm. The sound on Donalds motorbike awaken the bull. The bull was chasing Donald it caught him and the bull was tramping on Donald he screamed for help and Daisy was coming with a herd of cows the cows surrounded the bull Daisy stayed with Donald untill it was alright to go. If it wasn't for daisy Donald would not be alive today.

Maui and the Sun

Every day the sun kept on going fast and they never had that much light. So the village was asking Maui and Maui said yes so he asked his brothers to come with him to go where the sun lives. They make mud pits to surround them from the sun they put a net so they can trap it when the sun came out Maui said now hold it tight don't let it go
Maui got hold of the jawbone and told the story. Maui said go slowly not fast. The next day there was enough light for the whole village.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Math Whizz

This is a photo I took a screen shot of my multiplies of 50 and 100 it was very easy that's why I have a gold medal as you can see on the photo. The gums were eating fruit with the answer on it if it is wrong then the gums will spit it out. Once it has done that it will help you solve it. So next time you will not get it wrong.

Barack Obama Pesident of United Sates Of Ameica

 On November the 6th Barack Obama felt happy about himself because he is still the president of the United states of America. I think right now he is so proud of himself for being president for the next four years. And I hope he wins next year and the year after that.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween ghost

One Halloween my friends and I were going trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Down the street from us was an old deserted house that everyone thought was haunted. My mother said, "Don't you dare go near that house!" Naturally, her warning made us even more curious. We went to the house and rang the bell. There was no answer. We tried the door. It was unlocked, so we entered the house. The door slammed behind us and... We screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there ghost behind us” we ran so fast but we stopped because there were more ghost on the other side. There was an emergence hole. So we used it  and it leaded to the outside. But it wasn't outside it was the kitchen. Next there were funkey ghosts chasing after me. One tripped up and I looked back and he was gone. When we turned our back the ghost were gone to. Brandon could here could hear a ghost whisper ”Were coming back for you if you leave the house you'll be cursed and you have 1 hour to find your friend or else.” They found his friend but there were ghost all around him. They found a cell phone so they called their  mom but it said press 1 if you need help preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss   and then blew up. We got caught and tied us up. I could hear a van stop it was the ghost busters. They busted down the door and sucked up the all the ghost and unites us we were realife. Once we went home my mom did not believe us.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Dog eating cabbage

The dog is trying to eat the cabbage. It's hopping around the table. It's sniffing the cabbage. The dog is trying to get the cabbage onto the floor. The dog is munching the cabbage slowly. The dog ate the cabbage and it made a mess everywhere. When the dog finished the cabbage it did not realise it was on its head. If you want the link here it is.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Museum Trip

Room ten was at the museum. One of the places we visited was the volcano room. In the volcano room there were some kind of different rocks that come out of a volcano. I tried to lift one rock up out of 3. I was trying really hard but it was really heavy. When I lifted the rock up I was sweating. Next, I wrote down facts about a volcano. This is one of the facts: Volcanologists might also use breathing equipment.
Before we started doing those things we went into the volcano house. It showed the news and it showed the ash pouring out of the volcano. Next room ten went out of the volcano house and went to Maori Natural History gallery.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Fraction Flags

Hi everyone This is my creation on Fraction flags. It was amazing when I finished it. The colors I used were green and yellow. I was trying to divide my flag in half using a symmetrical pattern.Before I did it it was quite hard but I figured  out you need 12 pieces then I have 1 half then the other half is the same. I was very proud of myself when I finished it. Here is the link for 
Fraction flags

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Niue presentation to other classes

On Tuesday 26th  June 2012 Glenbrae school went around to other classes to talk about their learning this term.  Five people stayed in room ten while the rest of the people went to other classes. The names of the people who stayed are Edwina, Voni, Chanel, Brandon and Bono. The first class room to come was room 9, room 8, room 7, room 4, room2 and then room 1. Our expert for Niue was  Afe my Granfather. When the first class came We all stood up for the national anthem. Next we all did our mihi then we did some things about the Uga, information about Niue and the island. After those things happened we watched a movie about Niue. And the next classes that came we did the same things.

Friday, 8 June 2012

My mihimihi

My mountain is Mt Wellington

My river is Tamaki river

My dad is John

My mum is Ruth

My country is New Zealand

My address is 93 Glenn Innes Auckland

My name is Bono

Koe mounga haaku ko Mt Wellington

Koe vaitafe haaku Ko Tamaki river

Koe higoa he matua tanne haaku ko Jonh

Koe higoa he matua fifine haaku ko Ruth

Koe motu haaku ne hau ai ko Niue

Koe atulese haaku koe 93 Glenn Innes Auckland

Koe higoa haaku ko Bono

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My family treasure

This is my family treasure- an oblong drum It says the name in Niuean. The name of the drum is  Mata Ki Luga.
This is my dad's dad's drum and my other grandad gave it to my dad before he died and my dad gave it to me when I was eight years old so I've kept it for one year. When I have the drum sticks in my hand I like to hit the drum loudly. It sounds like loud and its an instrument that we play at church when it is a special day. The time we always play it is when it's the church's birthday.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Koro's gift

Koro’s Gift
When Moko arrived at Koro’s house, she ran out of the car and went up to Koro’s glass door and peeped through. Then Moko rang the doorbell. Koro woke up with a fright and grabbed hold of the bone carving.
“Have you come to stay with Koro”                                                  “ Yes I have I’m staying for two weeks”. After dad left to go back home, Moko went to sleep. She had a dream that the bone carving was stolen.
She screamed “Arrrrrrrrrgh” and Koro came rushing in the room.
Moko said, “The bone carving is gone!” Koro said, “No, no I don’t wear it at night. Have a good rest.”
In the morning Koro and Moko had breakfast. After breakfast, they went to the basement. Moko looked at all the Maori carvings. There were ones made out of greenstone. Koro gave her a smaller bone carving. She thought, “That’s the one he’ll give to my family.” but she didn’t say it.

By Bono

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Roots of empath

On Wednesday the 2nd of May we had roots of empathy Ally came to Room ten and we talked about nappies. Next we were writing the good things and the bad things about disposable and non-disposable. We had disposable nappies one of the good thing about disposable nappies are it saves money ad power. The bad thins about non-disposable is it does not get thrown away. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


My soil Report                                              March 2012
After studying  soil for the last few weeks, we decided on 4 question for research. Below are the questions and the information we found out                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       What is soil?                                                                                                               
Soil is the top layer of the earth. In soil there is dead organic material. Soil has food so plants can grow. Plants grow from seeds. Soil is three types of different materials. If there were no soil there will be nothing to eat. Soil is part of nature. Soil is very muddy when it is raining. Soil can be different colors. Humus is dead organic material which provide nutrients.

Why is soil important?
Soil is important because it helps plants grow from seeds. Soil has nutrients food for plants. Humus is dead organic material Which provide nutrients. Soil helps plants stay upright.

Is soil a habitat?
Yes Soil is a habitat. Soil is a habitat for many species like insects and invertebrates.

How have people affected soil?

Metal and oil come from rocks. People have dug up the soil to get the metal, gas and oil. Trees have been cut down and the rain washes the topsoil away. Erosion causes lakes and rivers to get polluted. Erosion causes our native plants and fish to die because they can’t live in polluted water.

By Bono Napota

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Robots Rule

Illustrated story by Martin Chatterton

You should read robots rule because robot were built in 1790.
They were used to build cars and some times used for homework.
In the movie Jurassic park and Jaws the dinosaurs and sharks are robots.
And in the movie Robots it was a computer program .

Monday, 19 March 2012

Nrl Warriors

Yay! Vodafone warriors is my favourite team. My special players is Shaun Johnson because he is a good person to get a try for his team.Kevin locke is fast and he is in the NRL NZ kiwis

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Roots of Empathathy

Yes! we are having Roots of Empathy today.
 Ally told us to think  about what the baby is going to when it comes to our class. The first Roots of Empathy was in Canada then came to NZ. After that we had to get into groups and discuss questions about babies. Then we got to hold the fake baby. Next we had to learn two songs a welcome song and a bye song. After that Ally, our tutor, left.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Flower pollernation

Wind pollinated flowers: The grains of pollen are usually light so they traveled by wind.

Animal pollinated  flowers: pollen grains are large and stick to insects, birds and mammals body.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

When I grow up

Hi my name is Bono and I'm a year 6.
My teacher is Mrs Gorge in room 7.
My Favorite subjects are Maths, Reading a little bit of writing and a lot of Running.
When I grow up I want to be a Mechanic

I really love my Net book.