Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life by Feana Tu’akoi

WALT: answer questions based on the text by looking for keywords in the questions.
Success Criteria: 1. I am able to identify and highlight the keywords in the question.
2. I am able to locate the keywords in the text and look for answers to the questions.

Read the text and then answer these questions based on the text.
1. Where were Dad and Sione when he felt very thirsty?
They were standing in front of the coconut tree.
2. What was dad talking about when he said "We've got everything we need right here."
Sione was thirsty so dad said “ We’ve got everything we need right here.”
3. Why was Sina very worried?
Sina was worried because people were going to kill her best friend
4. Why did Tuna refuse to go away when Sina asked him to do so?
Tuna and Sina where best friends
5. What are some of the uses of coconut?
You can make bread, drink, food
Activity 2 - Vocabulary
WALT:  1. Use an online dictionary. 2. Look for meanings of words from the text I have read.
Success Criteria: 1. I am able to use an online dictionary. 2. I am able to say  the meanings of words

Activity 2

Dictionary Meanings
1.   complained
express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event
2.   plantation
an estate on which crops such as coffee, sugar
3.   glanced
take a brief or hurried look.
4.   followed
go or come after
5.   suppose
be required to do something
6.   rhythm
a strong, regular, repeated pattern
7.   sharpen
make or become sharp.
8.   machete
Its like a miniature sword
9.   grasped
seize and hold firmly.
10. promise
assure someone that one will definitely do,

Activity 3 - Blog

My coconut photo.pngThis is my drawing of a coconut tree