Thursday, 28 March 2013


This is on cool math games I did times table and and another game called snoreeze. On Crazy taxi is like a driving car that jumps over cars but this one you crash on to the right time table answer. Snoreeze is a matching game if you have a pair you click on it and it disappears you can click on a button that turns the page and you can also restart and change the puzzle  

Description of an object

LI: To write a detailed description of an object including its use

SC:It must have adjectives to describe size, colour, shape, a simile and information about how it is used and by whom

Following our visit to MOTAT we are going to write three descriptions of different objects based on the above criteria. You can view our video on our class blog to support your ideas.

1. Object: Steam Train
size -  Large
colour - Black
shape-  cylinder
simile - As Hot like a Heat train
used by - steam
purpose - To make people go around the city

2. Object:Model A Ford
size -  Large
colour - Red and Black
simile -As slow as a turtle
purpose -To take short rides

3. Object: Steam Roller
size -  Small
colour -  Green
shape- Circle
simile -  As small like  
used by - Steam

purpose - The tram is like a bust but the tram go’s short places to drop


This is my study ladder work I was doing maths I was challenging people around the world. Study ladder is a website for class rooms it has Maths, Literacy, Science, Music and art. I like Maths because it my Favourite hobby.  

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


W.A.L.T  Identify  the difference between manmade and Natural disasters

1. what is a disaster ?
A disaster is when bad things happen like  an earthquake,   tsunami, hurricane and a tornado.

2.                                   DISASTERS  

                  Man-Made                    Natural          
                 Chemical spills                Tsunami                                               
                  smashes                                        Hurricane

3. What's a Tsunami ?
A Tsunami is when the oceans water floods the city or

4. Describe what you should do in an earthquake]

I would drop on the floor and cover under something big I can hide under and hold on one of the legs of it.

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