Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Refelction

How has having a net book helped my learning?
It has helped me by saving my work on Google drive and
share my work with my teacher.

Has having a net book helped you communicate with your teacher?
My teacher can check my work when ever she wants
and we also communicate with our class site and our email.

What have you learn't online?
I have learn't facts about famous people, people who died and facts about my inquiry project.
and other information I didn't know before.

What have you learn't from your friends?
I have learn't information, equations and new words

Have you helped others this year?
I have helped new students log in their Google drive account and also helped them with their work.

How has digital learning helped your learning?
It has helped me by doing my reading, maths and writing faster.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Healty and Unhealthy

1 Pork
2 Vegetable oil
3 Pasta
4 White bread
5 Soup mix
6 Ketchup
7 Processed cheese
8 Soy sauce
9 Peanuts
10 Orange juice

1 Water
2 Milk
3 Green tea
4 Mint tea

5 Soy milk

The unhealty foods are at the top and healthy drinks at the bottom.
These are my foods and drinks that I think are healty and unhealthy.

Fruits from a-z

Date fruit
Ice cream bean
Jack fruit
Kiwi fruit
Olive palm
Queensland ebony
Zig zag vine

This is fruit from a-z this took quite a while to do on my own.

Monday, 18 November 2013

My best friend poem

My best friend is Niuean
He likes to talk a lot
Also brainy and sometimes lazy
He has short dark black hair
Big brown eyes
Indescribable facials
He has a big stomach
His hands are wide
He has short smooth hair
He has big lips
Hairy legs and hairy arms
His favourite colour is yellow
He Likes to get his work done on time but he doesn’t
He Has a big sense of humor 
His jokes aren't very funny

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dead Car Clean Up

Term 4 - Week 3
Green Group
Resource: Dead car clean up by Sara Tamihana
SJ 2004 P 2 N  2

WALT - identify the author’s purpose
Comprehension Questions:
      What have people been dumping near the school?
          Because those cars old and rusty
Why would people want to dump a rusty old car in the bush?
People dump their cars to get them out of sight
they recycle their bits that they don’t need to use
Who are some other people who got involved?
          Some Students and The Royal New Zealand Air Force

Application Questions:
      Do you think the students did a good job of cleaning the cars
I think they did a good job because they care about there environment
If you could ask the students of Punaruku a question, what would it be?
        How long did it take to clean up the cars      

Thinking beyond: Analysis:  Can you think of any issues of pollution around your community?
  About plastic bags

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Dragon Poem

This is my dragon acrostic poem. I used Tux paint

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Narritive

It was dark, I could not see anything. So I went outside to check the fuse box to check what the problem was. Marvin opened it up and it was alright. So he went back inside.

Marvin tried to flick the light switch on and it wouldn’t work. So he tried to call a technician but the phone line was cut.

Next he went for a run around the block. He thought the power will turn back on when he came back. But when he did come back it didn’t turn back on. It was 8:00pm and it was still dark.

Then it was 10:00pm and the power was still not on. So he went to all the houses on the street and knocked on the doors and nobody would answer. So he went in the middle of the road and screamed out “ Is  anyone here !!”. In the corner of his eye he saw a little child peek out of the window and as quick as flash Marvin turned around and that child moved away from the window. So Marvin went to that house and knocked on the door as loud like he was kicking it and said “ I know your inside here I saw your child peek out through the window !!”. So They Didn’t open the door.

After he went through the alley-way to the other side and heard a whisper “Psssssssst you” and Marvin looked everywhere and as fast as the wind Marvin ran right down the alley-way. When Marvin reached his destination Marvin Saw No cars and also no power. Marvin had to make another trip back up the alley-way and heard another whisper “psssssst you”.

Marvin took a good look around and saw a his neighbour Dean and so Marvin jumped the small wooden fence. When Marvin got to Dean he asked him a question “why is there no power?” Dean replies “ Ohh because one of the generators are broken at the power station and it came on the news” Marvin replies to Dean “Ohh I fell asleep and didn’t watch it. Okay but why won’t people answer their door Dean replies back “ Ohh That Party that you had last week” Marvin says “Ohh Yeah”. Marvin say’s to Dean “Thank you”.

So Marvin went home and said to himself “ So the generators are broken but that party hmmm”.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Where No Boat could Live

7. Please give a brief summary of the article.
They have a great skill at weaving, carving wood work and fishing for fish.
8. Why were the Moriori considered backward?
Because they consider their waka to be clumsy.
9. What do you think about the skills and designs of the Moriori and why?
They were very good at their crafting and weaving.

My digital poster about my favourite subjects at school

These are my favourite subjects at school maths, writing, P.E and reading

Friday, 16 August 2013

This week our class learnt about persuasive writing. This is my writing on a topic we were discussing

Topic: Children should work from the age of 8

I disagree with children working at the age of eight because they need to experience life.

Children shouldn't work from the age of eight because they need an education.

Children shouldn't work because they need to experience how to learn words, maths and writing. They might feel down if they don’t know their subjects.

Children might feel sad if they play a sport and miss out on their training and games.

I disagree because children should not be allowed to work at the age of eight they have to be over 16 as the law says.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Holiday

In my holiday I went to Ten Pin Bowling with my family for my little cousin’s Birthday. Once we had gone inside I went to the arcade and played with a silver token. I played basketball and heaps of tickets came out. When the game finished I grabbed my tickets, I went to the ticket machine I inserted my tickets and I received a receipt and it said you have got 35 tickets in one receipt.
Next I went to  bowl and there were 5 games and different people play in those games.  I was in game 2. After we started playing I was first and so I bowled and got a strike. Later the game finished I won out of the five games, my score was one hundred and eleven everyone else had under ninety five.

Later on we went to eat. There was a two kiddy tables and the big people ate outside. When we finished eating we got 7 silver tokens.

I then went back to the arcade and played with my cousin Jordan and spent most of our tokens on the deal or no deal game.  We got 400 tickets all together so we put it in the machine and received 400 tickets in a receipt. Next I got called to go home. Once I walked out of the doors I felt happy about going to Ten Pin Bowling


Friday, 12 July 2013

My limericks

There was a old man who
lived near bats one day
he saw some bats and
ran to his bat and
whacked them far away.
There was a cat who lived
in a hat and traveled far
away, one day she saw a
mouse and then pounced


Monday, 24 June 2013

How to make an Omelet

WALT write a recipe

Success Criteria:
My recipe will have a title
It will have a list of ingredients and equipment needed
It will have the steps to prepare my dish in order. Each step will start with a ‘bossy’ (imperative) verb
It will have pictures to show how to make the dish

Friday, 31 May 2013

Explanation Writing about a piranhas

explanation                       topic piranha:
Have you ever heard of a fish that really can eat fast and swim fast and dangerous?
Piranhas are quite big, but they have small sharp teeth. Piranhas are about 14 to 26 cm long.  Piranhas are considered the most fastest fish to kill in a swarm. They can eat fish in 1 minute. They can swim up to 110 kph. Piranhas can get stunned if you splash around in the water. It hurts their eyes and their ears. And then they get knocked out and they go belly
up. Piranhas can form a swarm really fast. Piranhas are just like mini sharks. Piranhas are found at Orinoco River in the Amazon Basin. There is under 60 species of a piranhas.

Friday, 24 May 2013

No More Cats

Green Group

No more cats by Jennifer Beck SJ. pt.1 No.3 2008

1. Take a screenshot of the story and insert into this document.
2. What do you think this story is about?
            This book is about no more cats
3. In your own words explain why Dad did not want another cat.
           Because Rusty died
4. What did Dad plan to do about the stray cat?
           He was thinking of taking it to SPCA
5. Why is it more difficult to find a new home for an adult cat?
           When its a little kitten its cute and now its not
6. When had the old cat carrier box last been used?
           when rusty wasn't sick
7. Who was Rusty? Explain what had happened to him.
           He died because he was sick so SPCA put him to sleep
8. In your opinion was Dad fond of cats? Use evidence from the story to support your
9. When the writer got home from soccer what did she find?
           She found the dad on his favourite chair watching the motor channel with the cat on his  lap        
10. Explain why Dad thought Furry would be a good name for the stray cat.
             when the dog was chasing cat the cat was fast to escape
11. Complete the key vocabulary table:
what you think it means
dictionary definition
straight things
without a bend, angle, or curve; not curved; direct: a straight path.
is it naughty

willful, wayward, misbehaving.
when it hops a lot
to swoop down suddenly and grasp, as a bird does in seizing its prey.
its like when someone is lying down but not fully  
to incline or bend from a vertical position: She leaned out the window.
the living room
to pass time idly and indolently.
kind of like patting
a hitting of or an upon any thing

Use the above words in sentences of your own. You need to use one adjective and
one verb in each sentence. Highlight each one in a different color as shown.
(Example - Sione cut open his packet of chicken noodles and dropped them into the
shiny steel pan of hot water to cook.)

I touched my friend Brandon’s sleek hair
I heard something in the lounge went and looked
The cat is very cunning
the cat always ponce’s
My sister leans on the window
sometimes i sleep in the lounge
I stroked the fury cat

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Stardome Trip

WALT: Write a recount
SC:It must have adjectives, similes and speech

Thursday 9th of May 2013 two classes from the senior
school went to the Auckland Stardome.

Rooms 7 and room 10 got divided into groups. After that we walked in the auditorium the classes sat down in the comfortable seats.

Mr Andrew said no cameras no cell phones turned on and no gum while were in there. Then he said if you don't feel when you're looking at the screen you look at the floor. After Mr Andrew went and played a film about astronauts and how a heart pumps.

The movie looked like we were soaring through a body. Next when the movie finished rooms 7 & 10 went out of the auditorium and saw a telescope, space suit, small spaceship parts and space suit that you can take a photo with.

Next we went in the space room and talked about astronauts. Mr Andrew showed us a video clip of different ways to put on your clothes and brush your teeth in space. Two spaceships didn't make it they exploded. Rooms 7 and 10 left after the space room was finished

Rooms 7's Pledge

Following our 'Tread Lightly Caravan' experience the students of Room 7 decided to make a pledge. Change begins with one step in the right direction......we will all make a difference to save our planet Earth.

Friday, 10 May 2013

My Holiday Recount

In the holiday I went to my rugby game. I went to my cousins house so I can go to my rugby game. Once we got there I had breakfast Which was Cornflakes and Milo. After that I went to the lounge to to watch Adventure Time. Next we hopped in the car and drove to College rifles where we played. We played Grammar Jr. After Our game I went into the car and drove back home. And hopped in the shower.