Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My family treasure

This is my family treasure- an oblong drum It says the name in Niuean. The name of the drum is  Mata Ki Luga.
This is my dad's dad's drum and my other grandad gave it to my dad before he died and my dad gave it to me when I was eight years old so I've kept it for one year. When I have the drum sticks in my hand I like to hit the drum loudly. It sounds like loud and its an instrument that we play at church when it is a special day. The time we always play it is when it's the church's birthday.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Koro's gift

Koro’s Gift
When Moko arrived at Koro’s house, she ran out of the car and went up to Koro’s glass door and peeped through. Then Moko rang the doorbell. Koro woke up with a fright and grabbed hold of the bone carving.
“Have you come to stay with Koro”                                                  “ Yes I have I’m staying for two weeks”. After dad left to go back home, Moko went to sleep. She had a dream that the bone carving was stolen.
She screamed “Arrrrrrrrrgh” and Koro came rushing in the room.
Moko said, “The bone carving is gone!” Koro said, “No, no I don’t wear it at night. Have a good rest.”
In the morning Koro and Moko had breakfast. After breakfast, they went to the basement. Moko looked at all the Maori carvings. There were ones made out of greenstone. Koro gave her a smaller bone carving. She thought, “That’s the one he’ll give to my family.” but she didn’t say it.

By Bono

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Roots of empath

On Wednesday the 2nd of May we had roots of empathy Ally came to Room ten and we talked about nappies. Next we were writing the good things and the bad things about disposable and non-disposable. We had disposable nappies one of the good thing about disposable nappies are it saves money ad power. The bad thins about non-disposable is it does not get thrown away.