Wednesday, 27 May 2015

School Poem


School is something,
we must all embrace.
Knowledge we need,
to seek out and chase.

Subjects and teaching styles,
are plentiful and vary.
Just like the backpacks,
we all need to carry.

Sports, clubs, and activities,
at every single turn.
So much to do,
study and learn.

To get the most from school,
we should consistently attend.
Around each corner,
there's always a friend.

Our favourite teachers,
are friendly and kind.
Their passion and job,
to expand every mind.

School is something,
we must all embrace.
Just remember to learn,
at your own pace.

My Poem

Soccer is cool
Soccer is great
Soccer is something that is really great
Soccer is played with a ball
The goalie is the most important position of them all
Defence is formed like a wall
to stop them from scoring a wide open goal.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Glenbrae Kids: Early Childhood Centre

This morning the students of room 10 in Glenbrae school visited the little kids of the Glenbrae Early childhood centre. Our teacher Mrs Tofa asked us to get a book from the library that the little kids can understand. My Partner Siosifa and I chose a book about food. When we chose a book Mrs Tofa asked us to line up outside and walk down to the Early childhood centre. Once we arrived there we had to take off our shoes and sit down on the mat. Joseph led the song If your happy and you know it. When the song finished we had to pick a person and SIfa and I picked a little boy Hose. Hose was very active boy. Sifa and I played with him and read to him. Finally it finished, they presented a song to us. The song was about welcoming. We had to go back to class so we said our goodbyes and picked up our shoes and put it on. Next Mrs Tofa asked us to go back to class. The kids at the Early child hood centre are very active and funny. Look at the kids it reminds me of when I was a little boy. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

World War I report

This Term room 10 and I have been studying about World War I. This is the information I found out about World War I.

What was the cause of World War I?

World War I was caused, it was because on 28 June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife Sophie were assassinated by one of the six assassins Gavrilo Princip in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo. Gavrilo was only Nine-teen years of age in 1915. The Next year, in 1915 Austria-Hungary decided to go to war against Serbia. When Austria-Hungary, Germany and Serbia went to war Great Britain came in and helped their allies.

Why did New Zealand go to World War I?

New Zealand and Australia joined forces with Great Britain to take down the Turks in Gallipoli. They also went to fight for freedom and to take down their enemy.

Where were the wars in World War I located?

World War I took place in countries such as Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. There was also a place where Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed and it was Gallipoli.

What are Zeppelins?

Zeppelins is a large airship of the early 20th century. Zeppelins were used in the World War I they were also used for bombing. England was bombed by Zeppelins during World War I.

How did World War I end?

Germany had surrendered on November 11th 1918, and all nations had agreed to stop fighting while the terms of peace were negotiated. On June 28th 1919 Germany and the Allied Nations including Britain, France, Italy and Russia signed the Treaty of Versailles to end the war.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

New Zealand Soldier Diary

Thursday 5th August 1899 - South Africa, Veldt
4:00am was the wakeup call, making sure we were  always ready for another exhausting day. Food here is four times the price than it is at home. With the loss of 2 toes, I’m unable to walk properly. Sleeping here is impossible, as I try to sleep at the same time we have to worry about being ambushed of killed..

Conditions in South Africa are very harsh, many of our soldiers have been killed or have been injured very badly. My trench foot it getting worse, the pain is gaining and I’m starting to get an infection covering my entire arm.

I hope that the queen is happy, now that I'm serving as a Nz Soldier. One thing I don't really understand is why Richard Sedan sent us here? Everyday I worry about mom, her condition was very bad when I left her at home, hopefully she'll be there when I get back.

Anyways my main concern right now is 12 year old Peter Doyle, he has already lost one  arm and badly injured both of his legs,and is sadly near death. I can’t wait till this is all over.I’ll be able to see all of my family again, eat proper food had have a nice warm shower. That’s one thing that will keep me motivated.

Friday, 1 May 2015

My Own Sybol/Tattoo


As you can see I've drawn six heads, representing John ( my dad), Ruth (my mum), Evelyn and June (my two older sisters), Lesley ( my youngest sister ) but last and not least me. The reason on why I've drawn them is because to me family is everything to me, it means the world to me, and it's something that is very close to my heart.

Then above my family I've drawn 2 kilikiki (cricket) bats that are meant to represent my Grandfather. I chose to use the Kilikiki bats as a symbol for my grandfather because Niuean Cricket was his passion, coming in 2nd equal with Church and always having family 1st. It wasn't something that he enjoyed on his.

My Culture:

First of all as you can see I've drawn an Island, which is meant to represent the wonderful Islands of Niue and Tonga.

Mostly because I grew up with only 1 grandfather who is Niuean. After realising and finding out a lot more about my culture I now that I should be proud of being Niuean and Tonga because it’s who I am.


In conclusion I’ve learnt that before getting a tattoo it’s something to really think about, because it’s permanent, and its something you don’t want to jump to conclusions because it maybe something you’ll regret. I’ve also learnt that not all people get tattoos for cosmetic reasons, they mainly get them to either have a constant reminder of something or someone that’s very close to their heart.

Success quote

“Success is important to me because I want to be successful in my education, sports and in any way I can.” Quote by Bono
 this is the is the quote I thought of during English at Tamaki College with Mr Stevenson