Monday, 24 September 2012

Dog eating cabbage

The dog is trying to eat the cabbage. It's hopping around the table. It's sniffing the cabbage. The dog is trying to get the cabbage onto the floor. The dog is munching the cabbage slowly. The dog ate the cabbage and it made a mess everywhere. When the dog finished the cabbage it did not realise it was on its head. If you want the link here it is.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Museum Trip

Room ten was at the museum. One of the places we visited was the volcano room. In the volcano room there were some kind of different rocks that come out of a volcano. I tried to lift one rock up out of 3. I was trying really hard but it was really heavy. When I lifted the rock up I was sweating. Next, I wrote down facts about a volcano. This is one of the facts: Volcanologists might also use breathing equipment.
Before we started doing those things we went into the volcano house. It showed the news and it showed the ash pouring out of the volcano. Next room ten went out of the volcano house and went to Maori Natural History gallery.